Here are three simple recommendations to help secure a home network for you and your family. It takes about 30 minutes to complete these steps and you’ll be on your way to a safer online experience for you and your kids.

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☑️ Set the DNS on your router and devices to
☑️ Install a password manager on your phones and computers
☑️ Enable parental controls on devices and review regularly

Set Your DNS to
Why: Block adult content on your entire network and get faster website lookups at the same time.

The tech may be new, but the market dynamics and psychology of market actors stays the same.

As new participants join the cryptocurrency and ICO markets, it will be valuable to refresh yourself on hundreds of years of experience and research in market dynamics. If you aren’t familiar with terms like bear trap and bull trap, you still might recognize them.

Cryptocurrencies and sure to be a high-volatility rollercoaster ride, as ups and downs in Bitcoin and Ethereum have recently demonstrated, but they’re not immune to the laws of nature.

Working knowledge of these patterns and analyzing how they have played out in other markets such as gold, will make more informed investors and hopefully wealthier ones too.

Hiring top-notch engineers is imperative in today's fast-moving, complex startup world. While full-stack development once required knowledge of 1–2 programming languages, it now requires expertise in no less than 5 (Javascript, HTML, CSS, SQL/NOSQL, server-language of choice) in addition to a cadre of tools, utilities, patterns and practices. Screening candidates by phone is a key step of the hiring process and one in which I try to get a good understanding of their capabilities and skills. This post is an effort to share how I go about making this assessment in a phone interview. …

The US Department of Homeland Security is looking to find more uses of blockchain technology to assist with Identity Management and Analytics challenges. Through the Federal SBIR Program, DHS has posted two R&D funding opportunities for US small businesses to develop specific applications for blockchain technology unrelated to bitcoin.

Each topic will provide $100K in non-dilutive funds for Phase 1 research to explore how to leverage blockchains for these specific applications. …

Enterprise sales is difficult, expensive and time-consuming for early-stage startups. Unless your founding team includes a VP Sales/Marketing with an existing rolodex and experience selling to enterprises similar to your primary target, it is likely your early-stage startup will struggle to (time & cost)-effectively identify your target customer segments, establish lead qualification criteria, and create a lead generation funnel with sufficient volume to sustain your sales effort. Experienced technology sales professionals command well above $100K in annual base+commission and have expectations to make much more than that based on past history. …

There will be a massive market for self-driving vehicles for both commercial and consumer use. For the average car owner, the experience might be a little like this:

After your daily commute to work in your all-electric Tesla SUV, you'll stop at the front door of your office and hit a button that activates the self-driving mode for your car. As you walk into your office building, your car will slowly drive itself off for a day of Uber-ing to earn a bit of income instead of simply being a parked expense. Around 4:30PM, your car will drive itself back…

Jeff Atwood over at CodingHorror wrote an expansive post about optimizing user registration, login and related website functionality for ideal user experience. In short, the best login would be no login at all, but until then there are a variety if things you can do to raise the bar on your registration and login experience.

The God Login is a great read and I wanted to put it in a simple checklist so that developers can audit their current login features and spec new ones with as many of these important aspects as possible. Thanks Jeff!

  1. Users can register/login using…

I believe Docker is 2 steps forward for the world of DevOps and that the principles it promotes are forward-thinking and largely on-target for the future of a more secure, performant, and easy-to-manage cloud future. However, an alternative approach leveraging unikernels and immutable servers will result in smaller, easier to manage, more secure containers that will be simpler to adopt by existing enterprises.

Next Cloud

As DevOps matures, the shortcomings of cloud application deployment and management are becoming clear. …

App developers spend a lot of time implementing and doing battle with a babylon of config file formats when Ruby can provide a dynamic, concise, standardized alternative

Problems with Config Files

  • Too many file formats: Config files for applications are built using a menagerie of standard (INI, YAML, XML, JSON, TOML) and non-standard (mutant-xml for fluentd) file formats.
  • Static Files, Dynamic Environments: Whether you know it or not, your devops team spends a tremendous amount of time creating variant config files for your different development, staging and production environments. Upgrades often create cascading technical debt for configuration management.
  • Platform Variations: Little tweaks are needed if your code runs on multiple platforms like OSX or different variations of Linux. …

Run Delayed Job in threads to eliminate dedicated dynos for background jobs on Heroku.

2019 UPDATE: Since I wrote this post, there are more preferable options to the guidance provided here. Specifically, to alleviate the need for worker dynos on Heroku with Rails 5+, you can utilize the async adapter or if you want a little more configurability utilize SuckerPunch. Both utilize background threads (and pools) to execute jobs. Neither provide support for durable jobs or retries, but there many other options if you have those requirements. Your applications may benefit from having support both for ‘instant’ thread-based jobs and ActiveJob backed by a persistent queue for more mission critical tasks.

Many of the…

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